Article 29
The pre-accolade ranks for gentlemen are:

  1. Page
  2. Donat
  3. Esquire

Article 30
The pre-accolade ranks for gentlewomen are:

  1. Maid of Honour
  2. Demoiselle
  3. Serving Sister

Article 31
The ecclesiastical ranks of the Order, in ascending sequence of seniority, are:

  1. Religious Officer
  2. Religious Superior
  3. Head Religious Superior

Article 32
The distinction of Bailiff Grand Cross is customarily reserved for Grand Masters, Lieutenant Grand Master, Governor, Grand Chancellor and other Grand Officers of the Order. It may be conferred, on occasion, upon others whose service and devotion to the Order's interests merit exceptional recognition, i.e. 10 years as member of the Supreme Council.

Only a limited number of Bailiffs are elevated at the pleasure of the Prince Grand Master, the Lieutenant Grand Master or the Governor and can be proposed by the Grand Chancellor.


Admission into the Order

Article 33
Membership of the Order is confined to professing followers of any nationality, whose worthiness, repute and evidence of sincere intent are acceptable to both the Priory and the Grand Priory having jurisdiction; and who are prepared to honour and uphold the high ideals of the Order and contribute to its preservation, growth and splendour.

Article 34
The minimum age for admission to the chivalric ranks is 21 years. Esquires and Demoiselles shall have attained the age of 18 years; and Pages and Maid-of-Honour shall have attained the age of 15 years.

Article 35
Applications for admission to the Order shall be directed, in the first instance, to the Prior having jurisdiction and must be accompanied by such documentation as may from time to time be prescribed. The Council of the Priory will inspect these documents and arrange to interview the candidate. If satisfied, the documentation will be transmitted to the General Secretary through the relevant Grand Priory (if any).

Article 36
Admission to the Order shall be by investiture after a probation period of postulancy.
All investitures must be authorized by the Prince Grand Master or Governor or Grand Chancellor  before they are conducted.

Article 37
The official uniform of the Order  for Knights shall be a Black Robe with a white Maltese Cross on the centre of the chest, and a Black Mantle with a white Maltese Cross on left shoulder/chest area, the cross shall be approximately 10" across, robes and capes to be worn at official functions only.
Dress for Dames will be a Black Gown with white tabs in front (pattern available) , this could be modified or changed in the future.

Article 38
Prescribed chancery fees (passage fees) are payable prior to investiture and due only to the State Treasurer.


The Obligations of the Members

Article 39
All members of the Order are bound to make an annual oblation to the central Head Quarter of the Order and to contribute towards the charitable work of his or her own Priory.


The Investiture of Members

Article 40
Formal admission to the Order, the conferment of the accolade, or appointment to higher rank, honour or office, will be celebrated in accordance with the traditional rites and ceremonies at such times and places as may be deemed desirable and convenient. On these occasions, and at other such congregations as may be decreed from time to time, the mantle and the badge of the Order will be worn.



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