Grand Master – Prime Minister :    H.S.H. Principe Don Thorbjorn Paternò Castello d’Ayerbe d’Aragona


High Councilor of the Prince Grand Master:    H.E. Alberto Domenico Tumminelli Marchese di Merì


Head Diplomat : ........H.E. Dott. Thomas Molendini di Santa Magdalena


Head of the Chamber:                          H.H. Don Dorin Potolinca Duc of Sperlinga Prince of St. Elena


Minister of Humanitarian Activities:                                     H.H. Principe Don Dimitre Surdza


Minister of Culture and Grand Chanceller:                     H.H. Donna Giuseppa Dott.ssa Trovato di Montpellier


Minister of Scientific Research:H.H. Don Dorin Potolinca Duc of Sperlinga Prince of St. Elena


Minister of Social Activities and Transport:                                  H.E. Don Roberto Schiavone di Serrafalco


Minister of Finance: H.E. Dott. Gaetano Bordonaro


Minister of External Affairs:                        H.E. Don Giuseppe Cipolloni of Almazora


Minister of Interior:                   H.E. Dott. Don Giovanni Guerrieri of Castelsardo and Monfort


Minister of Science:                     H.E. Prof.


Minister of Communication:         H.E. Dott.


Minister of Energy and the Environment:                                          H.E. Dott.


Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs:                        H.E. Andrea Corsini


Minister of Religious Relations:                                           H.E. Giorgio Colombo


Minister of Securety :                                           H.E. Don Marcello Maria Cappellacci of St. Rafael del Rio



The positions of Minister of the Interior, of Defense, of Priory Relations, of Promotions and of Elementary Education remain vacant




Undersecretary to Minister of the Exterior:                                                  Prof.


Undersecretary for Communications:                                Dott.



Following is the annex to the Constitution:





GRAND MASTER                           Head of the Order and its political and moral leader; Chief of executive power and Prime Minister; upon whom final decisions of matters of the order are dependent. Upon him rests the final decision on matters of the Order as a State or of the Order as a Cavalier Order.



GRAND MASTER                            Substitutes the Grand Master in the case of illness or impediment; has executive powers delegated by the Grand Master on which the Order depends..


N.B. from henceforth mention of “Grand Master” should be interpreted as “Grand Master and Governor”


SUPREME GRAND COUNCIL     Composed of the Grand Chancellor and all Ministers of the Government; the Supreme Grand Council convenes only in the case that it becomes impossible to govern due to conflict between the Governor and the Lieutenant Grand Master, making decisions based on a majority vote of those present.


GRAND CHANCELLOR                   Executive branch of the decisions of the Grand Master; Spokesperson, when authorized, of the Order; Predisposes the working agenda of the Government.



HEAD OF PROTOCOL            Concerned with ceremony, with the hospitality of visitors; The organization of formal affairs for PR events.


SECRETARY GENERAL           At the head of Administration of the Order; documental archiving (curates the official archives); Prepares official deeds, supervises the formal aspect of documents, relations, printed communications and all that concerns “hardcopies”; He is concerned with the maintenance and amendments of informatic material; May be assisted by a Vice Secretary General.




Has a consultative function in the confronts of the Grand Master, is composed of various Ministers, assembles as least once per month and every proposition is considered suitable as a proposal to the Grand Master in the case of a favorable two-thirds vote by those having voting rights; the workings and meetings of the Government are directed by the Grand Chancellor or by the Head of Chamber.




Assembling Organs of the respective Ministries, as their role, these bodies function to assure compliance to the programs and projects established by the Grand Master; They are entrusted to promote activities of cross-examinating assesment of the Government, which eventually express authorization to operate in the interests of the Sovereign Order.




N.B. : each Minister may be paired with one or more UNDERSECRETARY OF THE STATE of his nomination (once approved by the Grand Master or Governor) or nominated by the Grand Master of Governor.




HEAD OF DIPLOMATIC BODY                 Undersecretary of the State of External Affairs who is concerned only with the coordination and management of diplomatic personell of the Order according to the directions imparted upon by the Grand Master






GRAND PRIORIES                cover a geographic area of variable size (generally may be assimilated with one or more foreign States)

GRAND PRIOR                    is the apex of the Grand Priory and has organizational functions       a) autonomous (do not engage the Order)

                                                                                                 b) dependent (according to the directives imparted by Institutional Organs)


KNIGHTS OF RITUAL           functions of the Head of Protocol, but only on the level of the Grand Priory



PRIORIES                                                  covers a limited geographic area (generally may be assimilated with that of a foreign State or many of its regions)


PRIOR                                                       is the apex of the Priory: functions: deputy of the Grand Prior, but of an lesser level


KNIGHT OF CEREMONY         see Knights of Ritual of Grand Priory, of a smaller scale




COMMANDERIES                                        Cover a territorial area that may be assimilated to that of a city or, less commonly, comparable to a province


COMMANDER                                                 at the head of the Commandery

Functions: see Prior, but in a local setting


KNIGHT OF CEREMONY         see other Knights of Ritual, but in a local setting

Order Of The Knights Of Saint John Of Jerusalem - OSJ

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